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Infrared rays or light is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of the visible light, which is beneficial for our health and wellness, contrary to ultraviolet rays.

Infrared rays should not be confused at any terms with the harmful ultraviolet rays, which cause extended skin burns. Infrared radiation is a source of energy, which can warm objects and generally any material that absorbs it, without heating the air around the objects first. Infrared rays have been used for many years for medical purposes, as a safe kind of heating therapy method of natural health care and physiotherapy, therefore is considered to be absolutely safe.

The sun is considered to be a natural source of radiation. When the sun is covered by clouds, even if the temperature of the air does not decrease, we feel cold. The clouds actually block the sun’s infrared radiation towards the earth and this is exactly when we feel the lack of its heating radiation.

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