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When the temperature is low as a result of a cold and humid weather, we all seek for a cozy warmth, which makes us feel well, more energetic and strong. A natural kind of warmth like infrared heating can achieve all that and even more.
Infrared heating has been used for years for heating therapy. But what is really special about infrared radiation? The best example is the sun, as our bodies absorb a great deal of infrared radiation from its beams. If you try to stay under a shade on cold day, you will feel extremely cold but if you stay in the sun for a while you will feel warm again. As your temperature-sensitive nerve sensors in your skin detect heat, your blood circulation gets a boost, that’s why infrared heating therapy has been used for healing scars, fractions, strains, inflammation and arthritis.  Athletes use infrared heating therapy after a strenuous training, as it relaxes and recovers their muscles. People who suffer from cold limps, muscle strains and rheumatism  can really benefit from infrared heating. Infrared heating is the best solution for people who suffer from asthma, as it does  not  produce dust. It is also the best solution for people using contact lenses, as it does not dry their eyes.


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