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Mouldy Walls - A Great Health Hazard

According to statistics, mould growth is a very frequent problem. Mould is created because of humidity inside a house and of course what helps mould grow is an insufficient way of heating, poor ventilation and too much insulation. Mould can grow without being visible or detectable in any way of the residents of a house, as it is usually hidden inside walls or behind built- in cabinets, cupboards or even behind big and usually difficult to be moved pieces of furniture. There are many types of mould, which cause a variety of allergies. There are even some kinds of mould, which are toxic and could cause cancer. Keeping a steady temperature and ventilating often is the best way to avoid mould growth.

Conventional heating heats the upper layer of the air, while the lower layer stays cool. That difference in temperature creates the best environment for mould to grow. Infrared heating heats the walls, the ceiling, the floors and all objects inside a room. The warmth gets absorbed by the walls and a steady temperature is created, as the walls are kept dry and warm. The air keeps its humidity, as it does not get dry, therefore there are no respiratory problems or sore throats. When windows are opened the room’s temperature does not decrease immediately and when windows are closed the temperature rises very rapidly. Using infrared heating equals to no mould, no respiratory problems, less dust, less rheumatoid pains and of course less heating expenses.

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